Saturday, 27 December 2014

Rain in a rain shadow.

It's been raining, cool soaking rain that enriches the smell of leaf litter, that turns the mid summer temperatures from unbearable to delightful.
It has inspred damp bush walks, a delight in the soaked textures and patterns and colours of every day things. Books have been read, the sewing pile sorted, difficult weeds in the garden have been pulled with ease.
This weather is my bliss.
Frogs are calling from the bath tub pond, hurredy submerging when they see me. The pond is filled with wet area edible herbs like thai curry leaf and cardomon leaf as well as beautiful iris and lillypad flowers. Small native fish patrol its borders, ever on the look out for freshly laid mosquito larvae.
The ground around the tub has been planted with beautiful ribbon like lamandra grasses and wild running sweet potate vines. Weeds pop up here and there, often pulled out for the dinner plate or the chickens.
We have a fox, I heard her stalking the garden last night, looking for a way into the chooks safe sancturary. Shes already taken 6. Four on the first night. Two more on seperate nights when I'd thought their area secure enough. Now she paces in frustration before spying me and becoming a dark shadow racing into the moonshade.
I love this weather, it is what makes enduring the sweaty heat of summer bearable. As the rain becomes thicker I'll head in side to dry off, warm up and reach for my sewing pile or watercolours.

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